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Nine Minutes by Jacqueline Druga


Nine Minutes by Jacqueline Druga

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In a split second, the world is thrown into chaos when a terror attack like none other is unleashed. It isn’t just one city, one country, it is global.

While experts believe a virus will eventually bring about mankind’s demise, there is no planning for the one that brings the world to its knees. A terrorist cell releases a computer virus which infects the defense and missile guidance systems of every technological country across the globe.

They hold the world hostage. ‘Meet our demands or face the launch of every nuclear weapon.’

While leaders rush to end the siege, Henny Edwards focuses on a strategy.

She takes no chances and immediately starts to plan. She is aware that her lack of survival skills and knowledge are a hindrance, but she does all that she can, in a short span of time, to be prepared.

No matter the cost or sacrifice she vows she will protect her daughter, keeping her alive and safe above all else.

As the hours and minutes tick away, the launch of over three thousand warheads across the world seems inevitable. Even for as much as Henny plans, things go awry. Evacuation seems hopeless and Henny and her daughter are far too close to ground zero.

Faced with choices, Henny must find a balance between what is right and wrong, what is surviving or just living, and between protecting a child and preserving her humanity.

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