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Engineering Drawing By N. D. Bhatt

Engineering Drawing by N. D. Bhatt

Engineering Drawing By N. D. Bhatt Download

Engineering Drawing provides a detailed study of plane and solid geometry: the two salient topics of study in almost any branch of engineering. This particular textbook follows the first angle method of orthographic projection, although, the third angle method of orthographic projection has been touched upon too. The topics in this chapter have been presented in a clear, concise and easily accessible format, with the print in two colours.

This edition rectifies the errors that were seen in the previous editions. Many of the drawings have been redrawn with more lucidity. There are more examples incorporated with drawings.

The topics covered in this book are arranged into twenty-six chapters. All comprising 1617 diagrams that are self explanatory, 523 solved problems, 900 exercises at the ends of the respective chapters and 34 tables can come in handy.

Engineering Drawing covers the portions that are dealt in all major technical-education universities and also in the major competitive examinations. 

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