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Applied Mathematics by J. David Logan 4th Edition

Applied Mathematics by J. David Logan 4th Edition Download

Applied Mathematics, Fourth Edition is a thoroughly updated and revised edition on the applications of modeling and analyzing natural, social, and technological processes. The book covers a wide range of key topics in mathematical methods and modeling and highlights the connections between mathematics and the applied and natural sciences.

The Fourth Edition covers both standard and modern topics, including scaling and dimensional analysis; regular and singular perturbation; calculus of variations; Green’s functions and integral equations; nonlinear wave propagation; and stability and bifurcation. The book provides extended coverage of mathematical biology, including biochemical kinetics, epidemiology, viral dynamics, and parasitic disease. In addition, the new edition features:

Expanded coverage on orthogonality, boundary value problems, and distributions, all of which are motivated by solvability and eigenvalue problems in elementary linear algebra
Additional MATLAB® applications for computer algebra system calculations
Over 300 exercises and 100 illustrations that demonstrate important concepts
New examples of dimensional analysis and scaling along with new tables of dimensions and units for easy reference
Review material, theory, and examples of ordinary differential equations
New material on applications to quantum mechanics, chemical kinetics, and modeling diseases and viruses
Written at an accessible level for readers in a wide range of scientific fields, Applied Mathematics, Fourth Edition is an ideal text for introducing modern and advanced techniques of applied mathematics to upper-undergraduate and graduate-level students in mathematics, science, and engineering. The book is also a valuable reference for engineers and scientists in government and industry.

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